Welcome to Eco-Ego Homes!

Our Mission:

“To build an affordable, attractive, environmentally friendly home”

Eco-Ego homes was born of the question, “How can we have an ecologically friendly home that meets all of our needs as homeowners, a family, and members of our community?”  We believe we have a solution!

Our Challenge:

“Combining the best sustainable building techniques available to create a safe, comfortable environment for our family in the rugged Sonoran Desert”

The home itself will be situated on five acres of rocky, steeply sloped terrain just outside of Tucson, Arizona.  We fell in love with the beautiful views, vegetation, and topography of the property.  The design of the home will minimize the impact to all of those.  Construction will take advantage of some great technology, both active and passive, and locally available materials, to create a virtually self-sustaining home.


The view North to Cat Mountain from our homesite:


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